We’ve all heard how paper towels are not one of the items you should flush down the toilet, yet we keep hearing it anyhow. Still, there are incidents involving paper towels producing jams since only a few people know this.

You may think it’s acceptable to dispose of paper towels in the toilet. You’ve been doing this for some time. But the effects start appearing, leaving confused and unsure of what would help. 

So will vinegar dissolve paper towels? That’s a good question. 

Vinegar, is a beneficial chemical around the house. Today, we’ve decided to find the definitive answer to this puzzle. Read on to find out what we’ve compiled!

Can a Paper Towel Be Dissolved in Vinegar?

Vinegar can disintegrate paper towels. Vinegar’s acetic acid content can dissolve the fibers of the paper towel to dissolution. Using vinegar works great for clearing out blocked toilets and preventing blockages in the future.

Every household needs a steady supply of paper towels. We put them to use everywhere, from mopping up messes to wringing out our hands. While useful, they may also be a nuisance if dumped into the toilet.

Toilet paper and paper towels have a lot in common. They’re homogenous in appearance, construction, and silkiness. Despite similarities to toilet paper, paper towels serve a distinct purpose.

First, paper towels come in at twice the thickness of toilet paper. They are better for mopping up liquids because they’re more absorbent. However, the difficulty arises when their absorbency causes them to clog the toilet.

They cannot disintegrate as easily in water because of how absorbent they are. They instead swell, making it simpler to trap things like stray hairs and greasy fingerprints. This leads to an obstruction, which causes the toilet to get blocked.

Will Vinegar Dissolve Paper Towel

Vinegar has a type of acid that dissolves and breaks down various clogs, particularly paper towel blockages. Therefore, whenever you get a paper towel jam, use vinegar instead.

It is best to avoid the problem altogether by never flushing paper towels. However, vinegar is the best when you have toilet clogging caused by paper towels.

How to Quickly Dispose of Used Paper Towels?

There are several efficient strategies for discarding paper towels. You may employ a plunger, dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, an auger,  hot water, or Epsom salt to unclog a toilet. 

Incorporating any of these components will hasten the decomposition of your used paper towel, making it easier to flush away.

Clogs caused by paper towels are just as annoying as any other kind. You should begin looking for a solution when you notice a clogged toilet. If not, the situation would worsen over time.

Use the solutions as directed, and the paper towel should instantly disintegrate.

You may also physically remove the clogged paper towels from your toilet using a toilet auger or plunger. However, each technique mentioned above should work to disintegrate the paper towel.

What Should I Do to Dissolve Used Paper Towels When Flushing My Toilet?

How paper towels disintegrate in a toilet is method dependent. However, if you adhere to the guidelines provided, you shouldn’t have any trouble removing the paper towel jam.

Listed below are several methods for getting paper towels to dissolve in a toilet:

Alternative 1: Plunger

The plunger is still the most popular tool for clearing clogged toilets. If paper towels clog your toilet, a plunger is the first tool you should reach for. It works well and is easy to implement.


  • Fill the toilet with water.
  • Drop the plunger down the drain. Ensure the water level is adequate to submerge and completely cover the plunger.
  • Try to pump your plunger down for a full minute. The key is to ease into it before ramping up the pressure.
  • Flush your toilet.

Alternative 2: Toilet Auger

You can use toilet augers if your plunger doesn’t work. It’s a bit trickier to operate than a plunger, but it’s still relatively easy. It’s more effective at dissolving complex obstructions that a plunger can’t reach. 


  • You need a toilet auger or plumber’s snake.
  • Put the upraised end inside the bowl.
  • Keep pressing until you feel resistance.
  • Apply downward pressure while twisting the auger arm clockwise.
  • Lower the cable, then shake off any particles by turning your auger handle.
  • Flush your toilet.

Alternative 3: Use Boiled Water

Hot water often differs between a toilet that won’t flush and one that finally does. If oil or wax is the cause of the clog, running hot water will dissolve them.


  • Bring water to a boil in a pot. It needs to be hot but not scalding.
  • Slowly add the hot water to the toilet.
  • Allow the heated water a chance to take effect by letting it settle for a while.
  • Flush your toilet.

Alternative 4: Using Baking Soda and Vinegar.

This tried-and-true mixture has several applications, including removing clogs from the toilet. The combination of baking soda and vinegar produces an effervescent reaction that may aid in decomposing the clogged paper towels.


  • Mix 2 cups of vinegar and baking soda in a ratio of 2:1 (cups) in a large pot.
  • Put the contents of the bowl down your toilet.
  • Give it a good 20 minutes to sit.
  • Flush.

Alternative 5: Soak in Epsom Salt

Consider employing Epsom salt when you cannot access other options like baking soda or vinegar. It’s an alternate strategy with promising outcomes. You can purchase some at the local supermarket.

Will Vinegar Dissolve Paper Towel


  • Fill the bowl with one cupful of powdered Epsom salt.
  • Leave it alone for about twenty minutes.
  • Flush the toilet.

Alternative 6: Dishwashing Liquid

You can also use dish soap to clear a clogged toilet. It helps the impediment move through the toilet by lubricating the bowl and the pipes.


  • Fill the toilet with one cup of liquid dish soap.
  • Add warm water to the bowl of the toilet
  • Just let it flow down the toilet. Don’t flush immediately.
  • Wait some minutes to flush.

What Can Dissolve Paper Towels That Have Clogged in Drains?

You can use baking soda, hot water, or vinegar to remove paper towels from pipes. You can use one of the solutions to unclog paper towels. One of the methods should work, assuming it’s blockage by paper towels and not a different issue.

You may need a plumber if none of these solutions works. Something other than paper towels can be the reason for the obstruction. But you can prevent all that by learning what toilet waste is safe to flush and what isn’t.

Does a Paper Towel Blockage Dissolve Over Time?

Paper towel clogs do dissolve, albeit it may take some time. It’s not good for your pipes and takes quite a while. Use any of the techniques mentioned above to break up clogs caused by paper towels.

However, this doesn’t mean flushing any paper towel down the toilet would automatically clog it. Only when paper towels build up and clog the drain will they cause problems, as will any other unwanted items you flush down your toilet.

How Quickly Does a Paper Towel Biodegrade?

Paper towels may take from two to four weeks to completely biodegrade. Clogging, however, may differ, depending on the paper towel brand and the state of your local plumbing. 

The time it takes to biodegrade increases with the quality of the paper towel. The same holds if your sewer system’s bacterial conditions need to be more optimal.

In any event, you should never put paper towels through the toilet. It’s bad for the pipes and may lead to clogs. Keep your toilet clean by flushing water, paper, or human waste.

Solution for Accidentally Clogging My Toilet With Paper Towels?

There are several options for adequately dissolving paper towels, and vinegar is one of them.

1. The vinegar breaks down paper towels into their constituent fibers but won’t dissolve the towel itself. Heat and acid are required to break down paper towels.

2. Add hot water and baking soda to the vinegar to help disintegrate the clogged paper towels. These two substances cause an effervescent reaction that dissolves the clogged paper towels. 

These work great for disintegrating paper towels and forcing them further down into the sewer.

3. To force or release air from the pipes, use a tool known as a plunger. It’s the best option for clogs that don’t weigh too much.

4. To use a plumbing auger, place an end of an auger in the toilet and turn the opposite end using a hand crank. Regular pipe motions will eventually break up the paper clog.

Do Paper Towels Disintegrate in Bleach?

The necessity and effectiveness of bleach have led to its widespread use in nearly all public and private restrooms, including restaurants, homes, hotels, and other establishments. 

On the other hand, bleach does not break down paper towels like other cleaners do and instead causes them to shred and stick to plumbing fixtures.

Do Paper Towels Disintegrate in a Toilet?

As opposed to softer toilet paper, kitchen towels, and paper tissues are made as strong as possible, even when wet. If you flush something that cannot break down easily, such as a paper towel or kitchen tissue, it could clog your drainage system.

Does Dishwashing Liquid Degrade Paper Towels?

Yes, dissolving toilet paper by leaving it in a bowl of dish soap is a viable method to unclog your pipes. The kitchen and paper towels are more likely to dissolve faster if you let them sit for a while before flushing.

What Types of Fluids Do Paper Towels Soak Up?

Cellulose, the main component of paper, has a strong attraction for water molecules. This means that paper may quickly soak up liquids.

Water, water-based solutions (like juice or light sauce), and fat suspensions (like mayonnaise) are all low-viscosity liquids that paper towels can absorb well.