Usually, it will cost you a great fortune when you want to replace the heating element in your house.  You might get curious and ask yourself, will Home Depot install a heater you bought from them?

The price ranges from three thousand dollars for installing a water heating element when you shop at Home Depot. This estimate considers the cost of obtaining all essential licenses and supplies and removing the existing water heating element.

This post will answer your question, does Home Depot install water heaters for free and discover what goes on while installing your new water heater. Y

Does Home Depot Install Water Heaters for Free: Price of Installation at Home Depot for Water Heaters

Home Depot’s water heater installation service would set you back anywhere from one thousand to three thousand dollars. 

1. Water Heater Tanks 

A conventional type’s water heating element runs on electricity or gas. It has a water capacity of about twenty to eighty gallons. When purchasing, you will need to pay a higher price upfront compared to when you are purchasing the tankless water heating element

A tankless water heater only requires a little investment compared to the tank heating element. The tank water heater requires more money out of your wallet to keep it running. 

The following components make up a whole tank water heater setup:

  • Removal of the old unit
  • The water heating element of the tank
  • Authorization requirements that are needed
  • Materials necessary to install the water heater
  • Labor required for the installation

2. Tankless Water Heater

The tankless water heater is perfect since it conserves energy and water.  This is simply because it heats water only when on demand. 

Does Home Depot Install Water Heaters for Free

While the operational expenditures are slightly lower than those of a tank water heater, the initial investment is more. These components are necessary for the successful installation of the tankless water heating element:

  • Removal of the old unit
  • The water heating element of the tank
  • Authorization requirements that are needed
  • Materials necessary to install the water heater
  • Labor required for the installation

The final price tag for installing a tankless or water heating element will change based on geographical location, specific model, warranty length, and energy-saving options. 

Home Depot offers installation at no additional prices on the day you purchase. However, there is a condition.  To be considered, you must be within thirty miles of your nearest Home Depot store and phone before noon.

What Exactly Does the Installation of a Water Heater Entail?

Suppose you’re considering having Home Depot put in your water heating system. The intelligent thing to do is to arm yourself with knowledge of what you should expect.

1. Getting Advice

Acquiring advice from professionals should be the first thing on your to-do list. It will estimate the amount of money and time you will spend for the process to be completed. 

Professional consultations are available both in-person and through telephone. When installing, the expert considers your working budget, expected water usage, and available space.

On the session day that you book, the professionals will be curious to know about the state of the water heater that is currently in use. The following specifics are included in the data:

  • Whether it runs on gas or plugs into the wall
  • A water heater, whether tankless or tank
  • Where the water heater is situated.
  • The water heater dimensions

A repair company can then utilize this data to suggest a make and water heater model, provide a cost projection, and discuss available payment plans.

2. Getting Ready for Setup

You should prepare your house for Home Depot’s installers if you plan to schedule an installation with them.

The first step is taking pictures of the installation’s location. This encompasses the environment around it and the outputs, connections, and vents. Experts can use the pictures as a reference.

To provide a secure environment for your expert, you should tidy up the vicinity of the tank area and any necessary walkways.

3. During The Installation

An installation technician will phone you an hour before your scheduled appointment on the day you plan to do the installation. They always let you know they are on their way to your place.

Does Home Depot Install Water Heaters for Free

Upon arrival, they will show you their badge for a service provider from Home Depot, review the property, and talk to you about the work needed.

4. Post-Installation

Once they have finished installing it, the service provider removes the old heater and replaces it with the new one. They will also give you a manual and instructions to follow when you want to make maintenance issues. 

Can You Install A Water Heater On Your Own?

Installing a water heater by yourself is not a challenging task. You will need to have some expertise in the electrical field and also in plumbing. You must secure the necessary permits, arrange a site inspection and familiarize yourself with relevant building codes.

If you need the right equipment, training, or knowledge, you can make an error that can cost you a lot of cash afterward. Always consider installation from an expert.

Considerations You Should Make Before Purchasing A  Water Heating Element

A new water heater installation could be necessary for a variety of reasons.

1. Replacement of The Whole Unit

If your water heater is old or broken, it’s time to call in the pros for a replacement. Before you decide to replace your water heater, having an expert check it out is a good idea.

2. Upgrading the Unit

A water heater replacement could also be considered. You could benefit from installing an innovative or digital water heating element.

Things to Think About When Purchasing Another Water Heater

Water heater installation prices are affected by the following factors:

1. Water Heater Make and Model

The installation cost will differ substantially from one kind of water heater to another. Tankless water heaters are more expensive than storage tank types. 

Because the water is heated as it moves through the system, the energy required to do so is significantly lower than that required by normal storage tanks, which heat the water simultaneously.

2. Setup From Scratch

You can save on labor costs if you only require standard installation with no extras. The final installation cost rises if modifications or upgrades are needed to accommodate the new water heating element and take the process up to code.

3. Permit Fee Structure in Each State

You should remember that the cost of permits may alter if you move from one state to another and that you should plan for this. On average, the price of a permit could be anything from one hundred to five hundred dollars.

4. Extra Costs Related to Labor

The labor cost for setting up a brand-new water heater can range from zero to several hundred dollars, depending on the expertise required. 

Does Home Depot Install Water Heaters for Free

After replacing the water heating element unit, you may require assistance with chores such as making electrical connections and relocating the fuel line incurring additional costs. 

5. Where Is the Water Heated Located?

The price of a water heater might vary widely depending on its placement. For instance, if you’re putting in a tankless water heater, ensure it’s close to the house’s water main so you can hook it up quickly. If not, the total cost of the set-up will be more than ordinary.

Additional Variables That Influence Water Heater Cost

Several variables go into the final cost of a water heater from Home Depot. Among these are:

1. Dimensions of the tank

Tank water heating elements can hold between twenty and eighty gallons of water. The larger the tank, the more you can expect to pay.

2. Efficiency in the Use of Energy

Hybrid versions and other energy-efficient appliances may command a premium due to their enhanced functionality and reduced energy use. However, subsidies from government entities could reduce the overall cost of a newer, more efficient model.

3. Fuel Used

Generally, the price of a heater powered by electricity is more than that of a water heater fueled by gas of the same capacity. They may be more expensive initially, but their lower operating costs and potential tax credits make them a worthwhile investment.

4. Coding Done

If the tank design or the fuel source change, the plumbing may need work to bring it up to code.

5. Warranty

Products with more extended or outstanding guarantees typically have a higher price tag.

How good is Home Depot’s Water Heater Installation?

Home Depot’s water heater installation services are highly regarded, with a standard rating of 4.4 from a possible five stars from over twenty thousand customers. The store exclusively hires certified professionals with extensive training in properly installing water heaters.

Home Depot provides a labor guarantee on water heater installations for three years, during which they will perform free repairs and maintenance. Extra coverage for your water heater is available for buying from Home Depot. 


Water heater installation is not included in Home Depot’s low prices. You can pay a plumber for a conventional or tankless water heater. You can always install your water heater if you’re handy with tools and know what you’re doing.

Professional installation of a water heater from Home Depot might cost anywhere from one thousand dollars to three thousand five hundred dollars, but the expense is well worth it.


1. Is It Possible to Obtain a Price Quote for a New Water Heater Without Scheduling a Home Visit?

An expert from Home Depot may offer a quote over the phone. You should supply them with as much data as possible. However, a service provider should inspect before installing to guarantee compliance with applicable regulations and laws.

2. Does Home Depot Offer Water Heater Disposal Services?

Home Depot will remove your old water heater. The price of installation includes the price of dismantling the old heater.

3. Is Home Depot’s Water Heater Return Policy Acceptable?

During the first ninety days of buying it, you can get a total return if you bring it back to Home Depot. Remember to bring your photo, the credit card you used to make the order, ID, or email confirming shipment and the receipt.

4. How Long Do Water Heaters Typically Last?

The kind of water heater, how it is used, and how well it is maintained all affect how long it will last. Electric water heaters last around eight to ten years, while gas counterparts last for 12  years.